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The lightweight LSAT is completely and permanently free. The content is open source, hosted on GitHub and licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 so you can freely reuse it.

There's no catch, no upsell, no paywalls, no ads, no data collection. And I can't take your money for tutoring because I'm retired from LSAT teaching.

But if you wish to support this project, you can donate a few dollars.

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Buy me some $5 coffees ☕ or $25 pizzas 🍕 to show your love for the site!

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Customers buy things they want. But you don't have to buy this. It's free.

Patrons, in contrast, support projects that benefit their community.

Your donation will help to keep this guide free for everyone, forever. Or at least until the LSAT hopefully, finally becomes irrelevant.