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Preview of the the lightweight LSAT

If you want to preview the lightweight LSAT system, here a few techniques to try out that might help you get an extra point on your next test.

Eliminate strong answers in the Reading section

Why it works: passages tend to be nuanced, so strong answers tend to be unprovable.

Learn what "strong" means.

Anchor yourself in a basic understanding of the argument before you read the answers in the Reasoning section

Why it works: You don't always need to spot the problem with the argument. You must always understand what the argument said.

Learn how to boil arguments down.

Stop and breathe to save time

When you feel rushed or stressed out, stop for a second to regain control.

Why it works: Everyone struggles to maintain concentration. Top scorers are just better at noticing when they lose focus and then bringing their attention back to what they need to do.

Read more about effective resets.